M5L Series

Explosion proof cam operated with lockable knob
Ex db / Ex tb – IP66

Rotary CAM switch with lockable plastic knob series M5L.

It is suitable to be installed in classified harzardous area Zone 1 & Zone 21 and also certified for mines group I M2 (with metal knob).


  • Type of protection: Ex db / Ex tb

  • Degree of protection: IP66

  • Certified for:

    • Gas group IIC
    • Dust group IIIC
    • Mines group I M2
  • Max operating temperature: -60°C ÷ +180°C

  • Material used:

    • Nickel plated brass
    • Stainless Steel AISI 316L
  • ISO 262 Threads: M20x1.5 or M25x1.5

  • Max rated voltage: 660Vac

  • Max rated current: 25A

  • Rated cross-section: 1,5 ÷ 2,5 mm2
  • Max rated power for 3-phase motor 50/60Hz at 380/440V: 5,5 kW

Explosionproof rotary cam switch with triangle key for hazardous area Series H5
Certificazione CE - RIBCO S.r.l.

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